Episode 21

Episode 21

This week’s video includes the following:

This is the third of three episode that were recorded over two weeks ago at Abu Salem Coffee in Nazareth, Israel’s oldest coffee shop that opened in 1914. In this episode we will listen to the Alamanda and Corrente from Bach Partita in D minor for Violin solo performed by Yamen Saadi, Nazareth/Berlin.

Since the national lockdown on Sept. 21, Polyphony has moved the majority of its educational activities online. Polyphony is managing to keep its agenda relevant and to continue advancing its goals in these times of uncertainty. We are also making a significant contribution to the livelihood of many musicians in Israel, giving them opportunities to teach and perform when they have very few other options to support themselves.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters, this wouldn’t have been possible without their generosity and commitment.

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